When is the best time to visit Ha Giang?

Ha Giang is a land of tourism – This land owns many famous tourist attractions which are popular with many people. Ha Giang is beautiful all year round, however, in each season, Ha Giang has a particular beauty.

Ha Giang

Amazing beauty of Ha Giang

To get the best Ha Giang tour, enjoy the beauty here, you need to carefully prepare the time, and destinations to travel. You should arrange your work and select a suitable time to travel Ha Giang to get the nicest moment in this wonderful land.

January and February: the season of spring festivals

At the beginning of the year, people celebrate Tet holidays. There are quite a lot of festivals being held. This is also the most suitable time for those who like to explore the culture of ethnic people here. The first year festival you can participate such as “Troi Trau”, “Long Tong festival”, “Troi Ngua”, etc.

March: The season of peach flowers and plum flowers

Ha Giang in March

Ha Giang in March

March is the most beautiful time of Ha Giang with peach-plum orchards blooming. This will be also an ideal time for young people who love to explore or for couples who are getting married to keep the most beautiful wedding photo. It would be great if you spend time together with your partner in Ha Giang in March.

April: Khau Vai love market festival

April is the time of Khau Vai love market festival – a special love market only in Ha Giang. This Love market is held in only one day. In this day, men and women from all over the places are united to meet the old lover and chat with each other. The next day, everyone goes home and continues their normal life. “Khau Vai Love Market” is one of the special Ha Giang cultural tour, stems from a romantic love story full of humanity, Khau Vai love market today despite many changes but little cachet remains unique private.

May and June:

You will witness a fascinating Ha Giang in the "pour water season”, this time, Ha Giang as a dreamily beautiful oil painting with images of the terraces which were filled with shiny water like a mirror in the sun to prepare for a new season.

Ha Giang in the "pour water season”

Ha Giang in the "pour water season”

This is also the time when people start bustling down to prepare for the new season. Visitors come here will be mixed with the bustling atmosphere of the people going to work in the cheerful atmosphere.

August and September: Bright yellow color of ripe rice fields

Bright yellow color of ripe rice fields

Bright yellow color of ripe rice fields

In August and September, you will regret if not coming to Ha Giang at this time. This is the best time to travel Ha Giang if you want to enjoy the beauty of the season of ripe rice, you will have a chance to admire the terraces with a golden color of the rice. You can not only watch but also feel the smell of hometown when coming here.

October and November: the season of circuit triangle flowers

The season of circuit triangle flowers

The season of circuit triangle flowers

Late October and early November is the time when circuit triangle flower fields blossom. Around Ha Giang as purple strip a red carpet. No one can expect to be barren highlands; barren gravel and steep rugged rocks could grow flowers such gentle draft.

December: the season of wealth yellow flowers

After the season is the season of circuit triangle flowers, wealth yellow flowers bloom in December. The weather in Ha Giang in this season began chilly; visitors can come to the Ha Giang tour to enjoy the wonderful nature and weather.