Visit Ha Giang – What to buy as a present?

Ha Giang – one of the most famous destinations for a North Vietnam group tour. This mountainous province has a majestic nature with a great number of stunning sceneries. Moreover, there are many interesting things to do in Ha Giang to make your Ha Giang tours more wonderful and memorable. One of them is buying Ha Giang’s specialties as a present. Today’s article will suggest you many famous specialties of Ha Giang to buy for your friends and family.

1. Smoking-helped buffalo meat

This is a traditional food of Thai ethnic people in North Vietnam. There is no other place having as delicious smoking-shelved buffalo meat as in Northern provinces. This dish is made from the meat in the muscle of the buffalo and bull allowed to range freely in mountains and hills. The meat is mixed with ginger, salt, hot chili, pepper, and “mac khen” – a special pepper of northern mountainous provinces. Afterward, the scented meat is smoked out and smoking-shelved in 2 months. After this process, the meat turns out dry and delicious. The price of smoking-shelved buffalo meat is quite high, about $32 – $60 per kilogram.


[Smoking-shelved buffalo meat]

2. Mint honey

Mint honey is a famous specialty of Ha Giang. It has green-yellow color with gentle sweet taste and fragrant scent. When you taste it, you can feel the sweet taste of honey combined with the cool flavor of mint, which makes mint honey a unique specialty of this land. The bees make the honey from a wild herbal plant grown widely in Ha Giang forests. It is also considered as a good natural ingredient for your health, which helps boost digestion and treat respiratory problems, The price for 500ml of mint honey is about $10.


[Mint honey]

3. Bac Me bamboo-tube rice

Bamboo-tube rice is always a well-known special food of North Vietnam. White rice cooked in bamboo tubes has a unique flavor, combined with the fragrant scent of banana leaves and bamboo. Bac Me bamboo-tube rice is a special food of Ha Giang. They use the rice grown in the terrace field to cook. You can eat with sesame and salt, or other main courses. This is a must-try dish, which you should not miss in your Ha Giang tours.


[Bac Me bamboo-tube rice]

4. Bac Quang king orange

Bac Quang king orange has thick and lumpy skin covered dark yellow segments. It has a gentle perfume and charmingly sweet. If you visit Ha Giang in the late November – orange season – you should buy some as a present for your family and friends at home. If you buy right in the gardens of local people, it must be cheaper than when you buy in the markets or shops.


[Bac Quang king orange]

5. Corn-liquor

Another specialty you should try, and buy in your Ha Giang tours is corn-liquor. It is made of maize, so, corn-liquor tastes very fragrant and sweet. You can buy it to give your grandfathers, father, uncles, brothers or friends at home as a present.

6. Snow Shan tea

This specialty of Ha Giang is estimated as the most delicious and scented tea in all kinds of tea. It has a gentle perfume with a little bitter taste in the top of the tongue. Due to its unique taste and perfume, a great number of tea lovers often go to Ha Giang just to buy it.


[Snow Shan tea]

7. Buckwheat cake

Ha Giang is very famous for fields of buckwheat flowers – a romantic, poetic and stunning natural picture where a great number of visitors, especially the young, come to take photos. Moreover, this province has a unique cake made from buckwheat flowers’ seeds. After harvested, these seeds are dried and ground into powder to make the cake. This cake tastes tattered, soft, meaty, and delicious with a unique flavor of buckwheat flour.


[Buckwheat cake]

8. Wild jujube

This fruit can be eaten raw, after peeled, or steeped in alcohol. Raw wild jujube tastes sour and acrid. It would be a wonderful choice for people, who love sour food, especially when you slice it and mix with salt and chili powder. You should buy some to eat raw or make wild jujube wine to give your family as a present when coming back from the Ha Giang group tour with your friend. They may like the present a lot.


[Wild jujube tree]

There are many other impressive and attractive specialties in Ha Giang. Bring enough money to buy some as a present for your family members or friends after your Ha Giang tours to show off your exciting trip with them. Maybe, you will become a tour guide for your next trips to Ha Giang with them later.