Traveling to Ha Giang- What to buy as a present?

Ha Giang is famous for not only the beauty of the pink triangle flower, green forest but also the special dishes. The followings will introduce you some unique dishes that you can buy as gifts when you are on a Ha Giang tour.

1. Corn Liquor


Corn Liquor

Corn liquor is a product of the H’mong people. The wine is made from corn seeds planted in the rocky mountain along with the traditional yeast that has the sweet and aromatic flavor of corn. Because of being fermented naturally and the qualified ingredients, the wine becomes a favorite gift for many tourists when visiting Ha Giang.

2. Buffalo Meat


Buffalo meat

This dish is a specialty of the Black Thai people. After slaughtering the buffalo, they will take the muscle meat to marinate the spices and then hang up the kitchen to dry.  In a long time, the smoke will bring a special taste to the meat without unpleasant. When trying this unique dish, you will feel a light smell of smoke, along with the sweet flavor of the buffalo meat. All these will make an unforgettable impression on the visitors.

3. Mint Honey


Mint Honey

A North Vietnam group tour to Ha Giang, you cannot miss buying the mint honey as a special gift for relatives. The mint honey has the sweet taste of honey mixed with the special aroma of mint giving you the relaxing sensation when enjoying it. Perhaps, the combination of the unique taste of early morning dew, mountain, forest, and Ha Giang’s sunshine with the honey makes it a famous gift for anyone traveling to this place.

4. Bac Me bamboo-Tube Rice


Bac Me bamboo-Tube Rice

This is a food that the locals in Ha Giang often bring out for guests. The rice is cooked from the delicious rice on the field, put in the bamboo tubes, and then baked on the charcoal. Enjoying this dish is one of the great things to do in Ha Giang. You will never forget the rich flavor of the mountainous region. Besides, you also buy this specialty as a sweet gift for your family.

5. Shan Tuyet Tea


Shan Tuyet Tea

Shan Tuyet Tea is from the long-lasting tree with the large body. The leaves usually grow in bunches on the branches. This kind of tea is absolutely different from tea in Tuyen Quang or Thai Nguyen. Many people evaluate this tea to be more delicious than other kinds of tea. Therefore, there is no reason for you to miss this souvenir in your Ha Giang group tour.

6. Triangle Flower Cake

Exploring Ha Giang, you not only enjoy the amazing beauty of the triangle flower but also taste the special cake made from this kind of flower. The dry triangle seeds are ground into flour to make the cake. The cake is soft, porous, and sweet. For most visitors, this is the wonderful dish that they have to taste at least once and buy as a present when coming to the Ha Giang Stone Plateau.

7. Bac Quang Orange


Bac Quang orange

For a long time, Bac Quang orange becomes a popular souvenir in the Northern mountainous region. This kind of orange has a special aroma and flavor that make an impression on tourists for the first time. This delicious and wonderful fruit will be an ideal gift to remind you of a memorable trip to Ha Giang.

8. Tao Meo (Docynia)

You can see easily the burden of tao meo in any market of Ha Giang. This small, crispy, slightly sour, and slightly acrid fruit is a natural gift of the H’mong people. You can buy fresh fruit to eat directly or soak with wine, which is known as an effective herb to treat high blood pressure.

9. Persimmon


Quan Ba persimmon

This kind of fruit is also known as Quan Ba persimmon because it is grown commonly in Quan Ba Area. It has no seed. When the persimmon is ripe, it is bright red, has the sweet flavor but slightly acrid. This is a specialty that many visitors want to buy when they have a North Vietnam group tour in Ha Giang.

10. Dui Xin Man Rice


Dui Xin Man Rice

This kind of rice is a special food of the Xin Man region, Ha Giang. The rice has a characteristic aroma, is very flexible and sweet that is different from other types of rice. Nowadays, it becomes a brand as well as a unique specialty of the majestic Northwest region.

The above are top suggestions for you to buy as a present when having a Ha Giang tour. Hope that with these foods, your trip will be more perfect with many memorable experiences.