Travel to Bắc Sơn, Vietnam | Local experience

The region of Northern Vietnam always gains a reputation with massive mountain ranges, enormous natural caves, gigantic deep blue sea and a huge range of exotic food, not to mention its cultural values with mighty historical stories, traditional festivals and a diversity of the ethnic communities. It is not an issue at all to find a famous destination where you can be offered all in one. However, spotting out a non-touristy destination to spend your valuable quiet days without a help of a local can be a real problem. This guideline below will surely lead you to a lesser-known valley. Let’s travel to Bắc Sơn.

Bắc Sơn Valley is a part of Bắc Sơn District, which is located around 160 kilometers away from Hanoi. The valley takes you up to 4 hours driving on the thoroughfare. If you are not that keen on taking a group tour, then cross Thái Nguyên City, Gia Bảy Bridge and move further for 80 kilometers more to reach the valley in your next travel to Bắc Sơn.


Bắc Sơn from above

The path leading to Bắc Sơn is genuinely convenient for most types of vehicles, even bikes. The road was made straight away, even and no harsh passes or slopes as found in Hoàng Su Phì or Mù Căng Chải. Beside other best places in Northern Vietnam, this hidden valley is definitely going to leave you breathless.

Bắc Sơn rice paddies during the time of July are widely recognized as the most breathtaking scenery all year round. The yellowish saffron-colored of ready-harvested rice takes over while still interposed amongst young rice fields and amber-shade cropped areas. Viewing a little further, you can spot out small canals sneaking windingly across the rice paddies, playing the role of a water supply as well as a sunlight reflection. The rice in Bắc Sơn owns a unique and impressive beauty thanks to the ranges of limestone mountains running to the seeming infinity. Obviously, dawn and dusk are the best moments for you to catch the best natural beauty of the valley. This is also one of the reasons luring you to this lesser-known destination in Northern Vietnam at least once in your life.


Local house in the valley

There is a fact that many local photographers always list down in their handbook a checkmark of visiting Bắc Sơn Valley in July. By far, most of the local cameramen nationwide choose to catch their best angles at a very familiar spot, a microwave transmission station on the top of Nà Lay Mountain. During peak season, the station is fully packed when photography fans are willing to spend their nights outdoor with either fog or wind. However, Bắc Sơn natives have just opened a whole new shooting site for the best shots of twilight on the top of a mountain situated roughly 1.5 kilometers away from Nà Lay Summit. Hopefully, there are going to be more brand new spots for other photography lovers coming in the next few years. Beyond, another bonus for Bắc Sơn Valley is travel fee, as the destination is pretty close and convenient to visit.

A night sleep-over in Bắc Sơn varies in different types. Homestay may only cost you around VND 150.000 to 250.000 for one room, or 70.000 a person if going to a dorm. Top homestays in Bac Son can be usually found in Quỳnh Sơn ethnic village with roughly 100.000 a person. Mr. Dương Công Chài, Dương Công Vấn, and their other Dương siblings mostly run homestay service for visitors. Last but not least, if you are an art lover and looking forward to a local folklore, do not hesitate to drop a message to your host for a good preparation right at night.


Homestay Bắc Sơn

Bắc Sơn can be one of a big collection of undiscovered places latent somewhere in Northern Vietnam or even in the rest of the country waiting for you to explore. Nature and landscapes are seen as the biggest advantage of this S-shaped country that rewards its visitors loving memories when moving up and down the length of Vietnam. If you are that type of travelers who expect the unexpected, do not hesitate to give Bắc Sơn Valley, and yourself, a chance!