Top northern destinations for Vietnam cycling tours

Cycling is a favorable way of traveling of many people, who loves to enjoy the beautiful landscapes while practicing to be physically fit. Thanks to the spectacular landscapes as well as the wonderful mountain roads and passes, the North of Vietnam is exceptionally suitable for cycling tours. Followings are some recommended destinations with long and winding roads that bikers should challenge when biking North Vietnam.

Tam Dao

Located just about 80 km from Hanoi city center, Tam Dao is perhaps the most favorable place for bikers to conquer. Especially, it welcomes large flocks of both local and foreign travelers coming here for weekend break.


Tam Dao from above

The way to Tam Dao is challenging even with professional cyclers. It is quite dangerous a road with many sharp bends and sheer slopes, yet the beauty of the surroundings is worth all your effort. Biking to Tam Dao may offer travelers exciting experience, but it would be extremely dangerous if you aren’t careful because there is usually a large volume of vehicles (bikes, motorbikes, and cars) coming up and down the hills.

Tam Dao possesses ideal weather condition with the average temperature of around 18. It is also home to several attractive destinations such as the old Stone Cathedral, Silver Waterfall, Tam Dao National Park, Television Station Tower, Rung Rinh Peak, and Sky Gate. The tranquility and quietness in Tam Dao will help to release all the stress and fatigue of the daily city life.

Moc Chau

Around 180 km to the northwest of Hanoi locates Moc Chau Plateau – an irresistibly beautiful destination that any nature lovers, especially cycling enthusiasts should visit once.


S-shaped road to Moc Chau

To reach Moc Chau, travelers will need to cross the Highway 6 – a national road that links Hanoi and other northwestern regions. Highway 6 includes many intrepid roads which are extraordinarily suitable for cycling. The sharp bends, steep hills, and narrow passes along the Highway are tough challenges for bikers to conquer. Of course, your effort will be repaid by the majestic scenery of northwestern mountain. Your jaw will drop when the soaring mountains appear in front your eyes.


Moc Chau in spring

The way to Moc Chau also crosses several fascinating destinations, namely Thung Khe Pass, the S-shaped curved, the grassland, the pine hill, the flower garden, the tea plantations, and hamlets of ethnic people. With pleasant weather and appealing landscapes, Moc Chau has become a haunted destination for nature photography enthusiasts.

Ma Phuc Pass

Situated between Hoa An District and Tra Linh District of Cao Bang Province, Ma Phuc Pass is considered to be the most beautiful pass in Highway 3. It is one of the top roads for cycling in Vietnam.


Ma Phuc Pass

The pass is named “Ma Phuc” (the lying horses) because the two sides of the Highway have two large blocks of limestone that look like two lying horses. With sharp and beautiful curves and bends, Ma Phuc Pass is a great place for biking tours. Especially, the scenery along the way is exceptionally exquisite with vast buckwheat flower fields in the spring and the green corn plantation in the summer. The poetic scenery of the pass really suits romantic couples and enthusiast photographers.

Khau Pha Pass

It would be a big regret to miss conquering Khau Pha Pass – one of the greatest pass in the North when taking northern Vietnam tours.

Khau Pha is the longest and the most dangerous pass on Highways 32. Nestled at an altitude of between 1,200 and 1,500 meters in the area between Van Chan and Mu Cang Chai Districts of Yen Bai Province, the Pass cross many famous attractions such as Mu Cang Chai, La Pan Tan, Tu Le, Nam, and Che Cu Nha. “Khau Pha” means the horns rising to the sky. The peaks of the mountains that the Pass cross often appear in the middle of the cloud ocean, which look like horns.


Khau Pha Pass

Cycling to Khau Pha, you will be left in awe by the colorful terraced rice fields along the way. The rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai is regarded as one of the most wonderful destinations in Vietnam. The rice terraces and the cloud altogether create such a magnificent picture that would steal your hearts.

Northern mountainous regions are undoubtedly perfect destinations for cycling tours. Do not hesitate, get on your bike and conquer the beauty of the Northwest!