Top 10 Destinations For Cultural North Vietnam Group Tour

Northern Vietnam is a vibrant region in our country with so many history museums and art galleries as well as a ton of fascinating cultural activities to experience by yourself, with your friends, with your family members, or with your beloved ones. Don’t miss any of the most cultural destinations shown below on your North Vietnam group tour!

Hanoi – The Reputable Food Capital

Hanoi Street Food

Hanoi is one of the oldest cities in Vietnam. But the unique cultural attractiveness of Vietnamese capital is not only limited to 1,000-year-old art and architecture – a mix of the classic oriental architectural designs and French style architecture. The most beckoning part of this metropolitan city’s culture is street food. No one can bear the appeal of steamy pho – Vietnamese national staple, banhmi, bánh cuốn, bún chả, and bún riêu, giving Hanoi the title of “street food capital in Asia”.

Bac Ninh Province

Classical Quan Ho singing
Classical Quan Ho singing

Being the cradles of Vietnamese civilization in the Red River Delta region, Bac Ninh is also a province for great music. Beyond the typical features in culture and custom, classical Quan Ho singing – Kinh Bac region’s cultural identity has long been ingrained into Bac Ninh’s culture. Highlights of your Vietnam cuture tours in Bac Ninh are Ba Chua Kho Temple Festival, Lim Festival, Do Temple Festival, and Diem Village Festival.


The frontier township and capital of Sa Pa District is rich in history and cultural heritage. From Muong Hoa Valley and Ta Phin Village to Cat Cat Village and Ta Van Village – everywhere you go you can be immersed in the unique culture of an ethnic minority living in Northwest Vietnam.

Mai Chau

Mai Chau, Hoa Binh
Mai Chau, Hoa Binh

What can be the best way to get a closer look into a culture of a place you are visiting? Its inhabitants! There’s no denying that stories – told by Hmong and Thai people living in Mai Chau in their own languages and voices inspire authentic cultural travel.

Bac Giang Province

Ethnic minority people in Bac Giang
Ethnic minority people in Bac Giang

Vietnamese travel agents might suggest Vietnamese culture lovers to take a closer look at the daily life of Tay, Nung, Dao, and San Chay ethnic minority people at Cam Son Lake, while those in search of the treasures of hundred-year-old craft have the entire Van Ha Village with the tradition of wine-making, rice-wrapper-making, and rice-noodle-making to choose from.

Ninh Binh Province

Ninh Binh
Ninh Binh

Much of Ninh Binh Province’ cultural feel can be seen expressed in its famous Bai Dinh Pagoda – Vietnam’s largest pagoda, Trang An Ecotourism Complex – listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List of Natural and Cultural Sites, Hoa Lu Ancient Capital, and Phat Diem Stone Cathedral.

Ha Giang

Dong Van ancient house
Dong Van ancient house

For those who are tired of the busy urban lifestyle in the metropolis, the stressful work, or the same old daily routines, Ha Giang with its Dong Van Ancient Town, Khau Vai Love Market, and Lung Tam brocade weaving village has got you.

Moc Chau

The beauty of moc chau

Some tiny villages of Thai people such as Pom Coong Village, Lac Village, or Van Village where you spend one or a few nights in a traditional stilt house are these lesser know secret treasures of the destination about 200km from Hanoi center that you will want to add to your itinerary.

Thung Nai, Hoa Binh

Unlike other floating markets in Southern Vietnam, Thac Bo floating market in Hoa Binh wins the heart of any Vietnam travel agency for its exciting atmosphere of a place where people gather to sell and purchase freshly caught seafood.

Lang Son

Ethnic people in Lang Son

With the border line at the length of 253 km with two international border gates to China, Lang Son – the gateway to the North of Vietnam is, without doubt, an awesome place to visit for a dose of culture. Kinh, Hmong, Hoa, Nung, Tay, Dao, and San Chay with their distinct culture features – there’s so much to see and do!

More than a land of rippling karst mountains, cascading rice terraced fields, untouched landscapes, and the winnowed-out limestone topography, Northern Vietnam truly is a treasure trove of unique culture, art, and architecture. Go on a North Vietnam group tour from the comfort of your armchair!