One day at Hoc Village in Yen Bai Province with helloVietnam


One day at Hoc Village in Yen Bai Province with helloVietnam

Life is a journey. This saying is entirely true when you pay a visit to Hoc Village in Yen Bai Province. Today, helloVietnam will be your guide and show you some helpful details about it. Where is Hoc Village? Hoc Village is a small rural […]


Visit Ha Giang – What to buy as a present?

Ha Giang – one of the most famous destinations for a North Vietnam group tour. This mountainous province has a majestic nature with a great number of stunning sceneries. Moreover, there are many interesting things to do in Ha Giang to make your Ha Giang […]


Traveling to Ha Giang- What to buy as a present?

Ha Giang is famous for not only the beauty of the pink triangle flower, green forest but also the special dishes. The followings will introduce you some unique dishes that you can buy as gifts when you are on a Ha Giang tour. 1. Corn […]

Sam Son Beach

Take a tour to Thanh Hoa to have the best weekend

Thanh Hoa is a land of the spiritual history with many the national hero born here. Despite not being a popular tourist destination on the map, Thanh Hoa conquers the hearts of tourists by its sunny and windy nature, which creates hydrographic paintings as well as rustic paintings. If […]

Visitors try being a farmer

A day in Tra Que village, have you tried?

Tra Que is one of the more than 400 years old land that is about 3km to the northeast of Hoi An Ancient Town. Throughout the historical transformation, Tra Que people have moved from the fishing net on De Vong River into a dewy sunny farmer in […]

View from Na Lay Mountain

Come and enjoy an amazing tour in Bac Son, Lang Son

Situated in the Northeast Area of Vietnam, Bac Son is one of the 11 districts of Lang Son Province. It usually takes tourists 3 hours to travel there by car from the center of Hanoi. Covering a huge area of almost 700 square kilometers, Bac […]


A self-planned trip to Northern Vietnam in 5 days

Last month, my best friend and I decided that we will spend 5 days to have a trip to Northern Vietnam, from Friday morning to Wednesday. The biggest purpose of our trip is to get away all the fatigue and stresses in life, so we […]

Áo Tứ Thân in Lim Festival

Áo tứ thân (4-part dress) in Northern Vietnam

Home to 54 different native groups, Vietnam is an amalgamation of different cultures and traditions. From the languages we speak to the traditional costumes which sometimes look radically different we wear, our S-shaped land is a rainbow of innumerable shades. Tribal and traditional costumes in […]