One day at Hoc Village in Yen Bai Province with helloVietnam

Life is a journey. This saying is entirely true when you pay a visit to Hoc Village in Yen Bai Province. Today, helloVietnam will be your guide and show you some helpful details about it.

Where is Hoc Village?

Hoc Village is a small rural town in Son Thinh Commune, Van Chan District, Yen Bai Province. It is located about 1.5 kilometers from the center of Van Chan District. Having romantic and imposing landscapes with Nhi Stream, the village is a very peaceful place.

How to get there?


Passenger bus

You can follow the directions of the helloVietnam tour operator to get to the village quickly. It is quite complicated if you travel to Hoc Village yourself. However, everything will be simpler when you follow the instructions in this article. There are two means of transportation that you can use.

The first one is passenger buses. It is recommended that you buy tickets from My Dinh, Giap Bat, or Gia Lam Station in Hanoi. The bus will drive you to Yen Bai Station. And from there, you will get another bus whose point of arrival is Nghia Lo Station. Remember to ask the driver to drop you off at the entrance to Hoc Village. Walking about 500 meters is the last thing that you have to do to reach it.

There are passenger buses that can directly take you from Hanoi to Nghia Lo Station. But it is a small number. You need to ask the ticket seller what time the buses start so that you can arrange your time.

The second vehicle is motorcycles. One advantage of this is that you can decide when to begin your trip. Nevertheless, you will need to be confident in driving because the path to Hoc Village is not an easy one, especially in rainy seasons. Just follow Highway 32 and you will get to the village.

Best things to do in Hoc Village

Enjoying a meal with a Tay family

Following the schedule of Vietnam tour operators, travelers always have a chance to enjoy a meal in some house of Tay ethnic group. Most families in the village are friendly and nice to tourists.


In the kitchen

According to our experience, you should visit the kitchen of Tay people before having lunch or dinner. The reason is that it is the coziest and happiest place in the house. You will be able to see how Tay women prepare for dinner. Unique dishes, such as five-color sticky rice, roasted Pa Pinh Top with wild peppers, bamboo-tube rice, or wild vegetable soup, will surprise you.

They are the food that Tay people eat every day. After enjoying the meal with some wine and getting tipsy, Tay women will show you traditional performances. This is an ordinary activity and also unusual trait in Tay culture. The Xoe dance, Bamboo dance, or Non dance are several typical examples. Tai women will dance around the fire until late at night.

Taking a bath in the hot spring

The hot spring is the gift from Mother Nature for Hoc Village. Furthermore, this is the prerequisite condition for the development of community tourism here.

Many travelers have come here and were completely satisfied with the hot spring. Its average temperature is always about 50 to 60 Celsius degrees. Also, various the minerals in the water of the hot spring are extremely good for nourishing the cells and heal skin diseases. Therefore, you will always feel relaxed while taking a bath in this special tourist spot.

There are numerous convenient services here as well, such as a public bathroom, massage room, or steaming room. But the best activity is still to dip your body into the water and watch Tai women taking a bath in the hot spring.

Buying yourself unique souvenirs


Brocade scarfs

Souvenirs will make the trip to Hoc Village one of the best tours in Vietnam. All of them are handmade products of Tai ethnic group, which can be brocade outfits, musical instruments, or exceptional herbs for bathing.

Not only are they useful for your daily life but they can also remind you of a great time in the village. 

Some things to note when visiting Hoc Village:

–    You will be introduced to some residents for tourists when taking tours of helloVietnam and most of the other travel agencies. They always open and welcome you. Nonetheless, a few residents will not do that if they are in the middle of some ritual or when they are frightening evil spirits. They will indicate this by hanging green leaves on a high pole so that everyone can see and avoid coming in.

–    Visiting the village, you should not talk or laugh too loud. Every action of yours should reveal your respect to the peaceful atmosphere there. Moreover, avoiding whistling is necessary because the local people assume that it will call for evil spirits.

–    While communicating with the villagers, you should not talk and point a finger forward at the same time. It is considered an act of disagreement and disregard.

–    As much as you love kids, you had better not rub their heads. Tay people believe that it will frighten them and make them ill.

–    Wherever you go, whether around the village or to a local house, remember to follow the instructions of the householder. He will show you where to sit or which side of stairs that you can walk on.