Vietnam is a tourist attraction, each region in the country has its hidden beauty waiting for discovery. Differ from other areas, the North of Vietnam is considered as the four-dimensional painting, always changing color through the seasons.  Autumn is the period of time when the leaves falling and people also fall in love with the charming sceneries.

The autumn’s weather with cool air, cloudless sky, gentle breeze is ideal to make plans and travel. It is believed that North Vietnam group tour will leave unforgettable memories.

The first place we need to visit is Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. The speed of the bustling city becomes slower in the autumn days.  On the street, we can find specific characteristics that only appear in this season. The autumn comes and touches slightly on the scene like a bell alarm that makes the city flooded in the yellow leaves. Walking on the streets, under the falling leaves, the heart arouses hard-describable emotions. Moreover, Hanoi is beautiful because of the images of the street vendors with their goods, especially colorful flower baskets in the old bicycles, roaming on the small and big streets.


Street vendor in the yellow-leaves-street

The old quarter is more ancient and peaceful in the autumn. Visitors can sit in a small corner, enjoin a cup of coffee and watch the movement on the streets that is an idyllic enjoyment. Another choice is Guom Lake or West Lake. No matter stress you have, all of the sorrow will disappear in this lyrical prospects.  Spending time talking with friends or just sitting lonely and listening to classical music will boost your feelings.

Milk flower is one of the most the specialty of Hanoi in autumn. Thuy Khue, Quan Thanh, Dao Tan, Cua Bac are milk-flower-streets that the flower perfumes are widened when the night falls.


Milk flower – A Hanoi Specialty

Autumn is the time of love stories, many couples choose autumn to get married, start a new life. Therefore, we can often meet some of them taking photographs for their wedding ceremony. Because of the gentle beauty which evokes reminiscence, the fall of Hanoi has deepened into literary masterpieces, professional photographs, famous songs and the heart of both the travelers and the local people.

In addition, the autumn of Hanoi magnetizes visitors because of the traditional festival- The Mid-Autumn festival (Full Moon Festival). The festival is held on the fifteenth of the August (lunar calendar) every year when people prepare for their children toys, masks, and traditional five-pointed star-shaped lantern. All places were decorated by colorful lanterns like Hang Ma Street, the Temple of literature, parks and so on. Along with decoration, there are a lot of interesting activities: Southern Lion Dance, lantern parade, watching the Moon and eating traditional Mooncake.


Hang Ma Street in the Mid-Autumn Festival

If Hanoi is an interesting place for memorable experience, Ha Giang is another destination where you should not skip on your North Vietnam group tour. Ha Giang is a mountainous province in the northern part of Vietnam, about 300 kilometers from Hanoi. Not only attracts tourists with majestic mountains, but it is also highly appreciated because of hospitable people. The autumn is the most beautiful season in Ha Giang.

Each autumn, Ha Giang receives numerous tourists. Reminding to Ha Giang in the autumn days, the first thing needs to mention is buckwheat flower (tam giac mach flower), the specialty of this area. This flower blooms from the end of the September to the October, covering a large surface of this region. The color of this wildflower is magical, changing gradually from light purple to light pink color later. Lung Cu, Lung Tao, Ban Pho Bang, and Sung La are wonderful places where you can contemplate this flowers. Buckwheat Festival is held in October with lots of exciting activities in order to promote the development of tourism and preserve the traditional culture.


The buckwheat field

Apart from buckwheat flower hills, tourists can sightseeing other impressive sites such as Hoang Su Phi which is famous for terraced rice fields. In the September, paddy fields begin to ripe gold and gorgeously under the sunshine. It is the most beautiful terraced fields in the North of Vietnam. Looking from the sky, terraced fields arrange neatly on each other like keys that create the soul songs for this border-district. However, to experience the harvest, careful preparation is necessary because the road to Hoang Su Phi is quite dangerous, especially on rainy days. Furthermore, Ha Giang also attracts tourists with delicious ethnic food, interesting highland markets, and even adorable children. All of which makes up a surprises tour.


Hoang Su Phi fields under the sunshine

North Vietnam tour will not be perfect without Co To, the island located in the East of Quang Ninh province, about 200 kilometers from Hanoi. Some people tend to go to the beach or island just in scorching days or summer vacation, it could be wrong in thinking. Autumn is not the tourist season of Co To but it is suitable for those who want a private space.  Co To in the autumn days becomes more attractive with blue sea, white sand, and yellow sunshine. The quiet seashore brings to tourists a sense of peace. Furthermore, if you travel together with a group of friends, teambuilding games or sports activities like boat-race, camp-fire and enjoining the roasted seafood at night beside the beach are good choices.


Co To Island in an autumn day

 Co To is still an island which preserves the beauty of nature. You can rent a motorbike to contemplate total interesting places on the island such as Co To lighthouse, Van Chay and Hong Van beaches, primary forest or get on a ship and go to Small Co To island (Co To Con) where you can watch the gorgeous marine landscapes. However, the facilities on this island are not as good as one of others; therefore, you need to be positive in preparation. Three or four days is enough to discover Co To. If tourists have more time, Quang Ninh has many wonderful places waiting to be discovered.

Taking a tour through Hanoi, Ha Giang, Co To will become the best tour in North Vietnam. Let put on your luggage and go.

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