Moc Chau local tour guide for first-time travelers

Located 200km from Hanoi, Moc Chau Plateau is one of the most charming tourist attractions in the North of Vietnam. If you love to experience an amazing travel in an all-in-one destination, you should add Moc Chau to your list of Vietnam tourist spots. 

With sublime mountains, culture diversity of ethnic minorities and gorgeous sceneries of plum flowers, peach blossom, and tea hills, Moc Chau has become a must-visit for any discoverer. northernvietnamtravel recommend some Moc Chau local tour guide for your travel.

Best time to visit MocChau, Vietnam

When making a plan for travel, the first thing comes up in your mind may be “what is the best time to go?”  In each period of time, Moc Chau has a different appearance. From the end of January to February, peach blossom and plum flowers are in their full bloom, making Moc Chau become a romantic place for nature lovers. During March is the season of white orchid-tree and between October and February is the tree marigold season. When you get to Moc Chau, don’t forget to bring a camera to catch beautiful moments of natural sceneries. In the early of September annually, local people organize the Independence Festival – the largest festival in Moc Chau that attracts various domestic and foreign tourists.

Moc Chau

Magnificent Moc Chau from the view above (Source: Internet)

Destinations to come in Moc Chau, Vietnam

1. Green tea plantation

In addition to cow milk, green tea is another famous local product of Moc Chau. Nowadays, the green tea is also used for tourism development in this plateau. One of the must-visit place in Moc Chau is Moc Suong plantation where you can go sightseeing in endless green tea field and enjoy the fresh air of the mountainous area.

Moc Chau Tea Hill

Moc Chau tea hill (Source: Internet)

2. Pine forest in Ang Village

Located in Moc Chau center, the pine forest that covers an area of 60ha is an ideal destination for a leisure travel in this mountainous region. You can hire tents to hold an overnight camp or stay in a local homestay. When visiting the pine forest, you will be able to have a walk around the wood, ride a bicycle along the lake and watch the sunrise and sunset in the forest that will be a memorable experience.

Local people in Moc Chau

Local people in Moc Chau Plateau (Source: Internet)

3. Pha Luong Summit

Pha Luong Summit, 2,000m above the sea level, is known as the roof of Moc Chau Plateau. The adventure to Pha Luong summit is the perfect trail for a hiking and trekking tour for any explorer. If you are a well-experienced mountain climber, you will be able to reach Pha Luong peak in about 3 or 4 hours. Once you set your foot on the top, you will have the chance to admit the fascinating panorama of forest-covered mountains around.

4. Long Luong Village

Located by the 6 highway, Long Luong Village is the gate to Moc Chau Plateau. When visiting the village, you can easily catch sight of H’mong women in their colorful traditional costumes carrying dry wood and grass while small children playing together. Long Luong Village owns the peaceful beauty that you may find it difficult to find out in anywhere else. It is worth noting that if you want to take photos of the locals in the village, remember to ask for their permission.

Moc Chau in Plum Flower Season

Moc Chau in plum flower season (Source: Internet)

If you want to find a secret getaway that is far from crowded and busy metropolises, Long Luong Village will be the ideal place for you.

5. Dai Yem Waterfall

Located in Muong Sang, Moc Chau, Dai Yem Waterfall is one of the outstanding tourist attractions in Moc Chau. The fall is 100m in height with two branches divided from the mainstream. Dai Yem waterfall is the most beautiful and gorgeous during the period between October and April when a large amount of water falling down from 100m in height, creating the most imposing scenery you have ever seen.

If you are persuaded by the beauty of Moc Chau, so what are you waiting for? Let’s book a ticket and have a nice trip to this beautiful plateau with our Moc Chau local tour guide!