Five reasons for a winter Northern Vietnam tour

Winter is the ideal time to discover the glamorous beauty of the Northern region of Vietnam. Not to mention, you do not have to worry about the scorching heat of the tropical country during this time of the year – something that worries almost every visitor coming to Vietnam.

Here are our top five reasons to spend your next winter in Northern Vietnam.

The weather:

This is the biggest reason for those who wish to come to Vietnam but just could not bear the summer heat. You may have heard that Vietnam is relatively warm year-round, but this is only true for the South. During its winter month, Northern Vietnam is relatively cold to international travelers. The temperature may drop to as low as 5 degree Celsius. While it does not seem like a problem for many people, the low temperature accompanied by the humidity of Vietnam creates a piercing cold – for many, it is still better than to walk under the heat during summer months.

Another big plus is the air feels fresher and purer during this period, making your trip more comfortable.


A trip to Vietnam could not be complete without your stay in Hanoi. It is true that Vietnam has so much to offer but Hanoi itself is enough to keep you occupied for a few days.


Poetic Hanoi

Even during winter months, you will see that Hanoi would still feel so alive, especially around the Old Quarters. While preserving its traditional beauty, it cannot be denied that Hanoi is always bursting with life and lures visitors with its dynamic beauty. The Old Quarter is the most obvious representation for its multifaceted nature.

While the streets are pretty much still cramped with thousands of scooters, you can rest assured that the weather makes it all better.


A delicious bowl of Pho

Plus, a hot bowl of Pho – a delicious specialty – on a winter morning will certainly be among the best parts of your experience.


Vietnam is not only famous for its diverse beauty but also its rich cuisine. The Northern cuisine is especially famous for hot dishes, so winter is also the best time to sample this region’s cuisine.

Here is a list of our top ten winter foods that you may want to try on your trip this winter:

  • Pho bo
  • Bun suon
  • Mien ngan
  • Oc luoc
  • Chao suon
  • Banh gio
  • Banh duc
  • Banh troi tau
  • Banh chung ran
  • Che nong


Banh duc nong

Scooter experience:

Scooters are literally everywhere in Vietnam. Even in the countryside, you will find the villagers riding on their scooters instead of some domesticated animals like cows or buffaloes.

Scooters are the main means of transportation in Vietnam. It is fast. It is small. It is convenient. That is why, one step out of the door, if you are unable to see, then you will hear the sound of a scooter somewhere around you.

While it is advised that you use public transportations for the sake of the environment and as a way to travel on a budget, it is still a pretty refreshing feeling to ride a scooter yourself on the street of Hanoi. It will also enable traveling easier and more time-efficient here – waiting for a bus can be quite a challenge sometimes if you ask a local. Moreover, there are many destinations that can be reached by scooters in an hour or so.

Plus, the winter weather makes traveling feel less like a burden, to be brutally honest. Traffic jams in the winter may seem tolerable, but not many can stand it under the summer heat.

The misty beauty:

Many tourist attractions will appear so much dreamier in the mist. You will feel as if you are walking amid the clouds in the sky. Taking a stroll around, inhaling the fresh air while admiring the country’s beauty in the winter haze is an incomparable feeling.

Tam Dao, Sapa and Ha Giang are usually the best locations that domestic visitors flock to during this season.


Misty Sapa

If you are still wondering about where to go in Northern Vietnam this winter, try Tam Dao, Mai Chau or Moc Chau. Ha Giang is also a great destination for those who prefer remote areas.

And if you are planning to travel in groups, need not worry since there are many Northern Vietnam group tours available year-round.