Moc Chau in the flowers season

The green tea hills cover all the valley; the Ban, Plum flowers blossom whitely whole the forest; the Thai ethnic girls with red cheeks are shy in the fair. Those images create a unique Moc Chau which easily make travelers fall in love with. However, […]

The daily life of kids in the mountainous areas

Into the fog – Sapa – Y Ty

Located in the northwest of Vietnam, Sapa is the most unique destination for everyone. You can come to relax in luxury resorts or five stars hotels with your family to spend your day off. Otherwise, you can come to Sapa to go trekking with your […]



Vietnam is a tourist attraction, each region in the country has its hidden beauty waiting for discovery. Differ from other areas, the North of Vietnam is considered as the four-dimensional painting, always changing color through the seasons.  Autumn is the period of time when the […]