Day tours in Vietnam: Top places for day tours in Vietnam

Vietnam has a lot of beautiful landscapes for you to enjoy a wonderful long vacation as well as day tours Vietnam. Besides large tourist cities such as Nha Trang, Da Nang, or Ha Giang where you can spend a long vacation to enjoy and explore, there are many attractive tourist sites for you to join in interesting day tours in Vietnam. Let’s check out top places for day tours Vietnam now.

1. Trang An

Located about 100 kilometers from Hanoi and 7 kilometers from Ninh Binh city center, Trang An is a tourist complex of over 2.000 ha, consists of lines of limestone mountains, mysterious caves, and various historical cultural relics, including temples, pagodas which make a magical and lyrical atmosphere.

Trang An Ninh Binh

Trang An – Ninh Binh (Source: Internet)

In festival season, this site is really crowded. You’ll sit in a small boat and go sightseeing around mountain foot, natural caves, and visit many historical relics such as Trinh Temple, a famous a-thousand-year-old temple in this complex, or Tran Temple, an ancient stone temple built in the year of 968 to worship a general from 18th Hung King. Trang An complex is not narrow but not too large, too. So, it’s a nice place for day tours Vietnam when you want to enjoy a day tour in a peaceful atmosphere.

2. Dai Lai Lake

Located just about over 1 hour driving from Hanoi, Dai Lai Lake and deluxe resort in Vinh Phuc Province is an ideal destination for a resting trip in the weekend. You’ll have nice day tours Vietnam without stress here in the fresh air, peaceful atmosphere, and beautiful nature. The green nature of Dai Lai stretches over 123 ha, surrounded by 500-ha water and 10.000-ha primary forest.

Dai Lai Lake

Dai Lai Lake (Source: Internet)

Coming here, you can go sightseeing on boat, explore around the lake, visit Bat Cave, Sky Wells, go fishing, go camping, or take a stroll in the vast pine forest, visit the pretty village of San Diu people, listen to Soong Co songs, get through Nhe Pass to reach Thai Nguyen land or Mo Qua Mountain, explore the ruins of ancient palaces and enjoy delicious special food of ethnic people here. Dai Lai would be a wonderful choice for a day tour in Vietnam.

3. Tam Dao

Tam Dao tourist complex is located about 80 kilometers from Hanoi which is a famous beautiful tourist destination near Hanoi. This site is a favorite choice for many people because of majestic mountains, mild weather, fresh air, beautiful sights, especially, you can feel the changing of 4 seasons in a day. The average temperature is from 18 to 25 Celsius degree.

Tam Dao

Tam Dao from above (Source: Internet)

It’s a popular site for day tours Vietnam near Hanoi because of its ideal weather. It’s chilly in the morning, warm in the noon, cool in the afternoon and cold at night. Some attractions popular in Tam Dao are Television Tower, Temple of Thuong Ngan God, Silver Waterfall, golf course, Tam Dao ancient church, etc. and many delicious dishes with unique cuisines.

4. Ba Be Lake

Known as the largest fresh-water lake in Vietnam and one of the most beautiful fresh-water lakes in the world, Ba Be Lake is always a favorite destination for ones who would love to enjoy fresh nature. This lake usually looks like a beautiful picture of charming mountains, crystal-clear water, and white cloud. The lake surrounded by limestone mountains is always clear and in calm waves, which is very suitable for a sightseeing trip by boat.

Ba Be Lake

Boat trip on Ba Be Lake (Source: Internet)

Inside these mountains is beautiful natural sights and mysterious landscapes, such as Puong Cave, Hua-ma Cave, etc. Getting through old forests which are many thousands years old, you can see many rare animals and plants. Moreover, you’ll have a chance to try a lot of tasty special dishes such as wild vegetables, cocks, wild fishes, or roasted veal, etc.  This is such an enchanting tourist site that you won’t want to leave here anymore.

These are some suggested destinations for perfect day tours in Vietnam. Let’s come and enjoy the most wonderful day tours Vietnam with northernvietnamtravel and get more interesting experiences.