Experiencing Buffalo Public Market In Can Cau

In Can Cau Commune, Simacai District – Lao Cai, there a cattle fairground throughout the Northwest which everyone knows. That is the Can Cau market, Sapa tours, famous for only bargaining buffalo. The market is on Saturday every week at the foot of Can Chu […]

Áo Tứ Thân in Lim Festival

Áo tứ thân (4-part dress) in Northern Vietnam

Home to 54 different native groups, Vietnam is an amalgamation of different cultures and traditions. From the languages we speak to the traditional costumes which sometimes look radically different we wear, our S-shaped land is a rainbow of innumerable shades. Tribal and traditional costumes in […]


A brief guide for a Yen Tu mountain trip

In Northern Vietnam, there is so much stuff to see that sometimes, you may feel lost. But if you are wondering about where to go, here is a suggestion. If you are a cultural traveler, or maybe just interested in the diversity of Vietnam’s culture, […]


When is the best time to visit Ha Giang?

Ha Giang is a land of tourism – This land owns many famous tourist attractions which are popular with many people. Ha Giang is beautiful all year round, however, in each season, Ha Giang has a particular beauty. Amazing beauty of Ha Giang To get […]


Try Vietnam culture tours in Bac Ninh

Apart from beautiful natural landscapes, Vietnam also has a resourceful culture that every tourist would love to explore. My foreign friend, Alice, recently asked me for some advice on some fascinating things she should notice when going on cultural tours in Vietnam. And I responded: […]