Specialties of Tet: Braised fish of Vu Dai Village


Specialties of Tet: Braised fish of Vu Dai Village

Braised fish – the specialty of Vu Dai Village has long been the top dishes in Northern Vietnam, especially every Tet holiday. In the past, it was a precious gift for the ancestor. Nowadays, this dish has been famous throughout the four regions of the […]


Exploring Northern Vietnam with 3 wonderful tourist attractions

Northern Vietnam is the starting place of the thousand-year culture of the country. Traveling to the North, tourists will discover many picturesque natural attractions and impressive architectural works. Today, let’s explore 3 fascinating tourist attractions in the North to start planning your Vietnam group tours […]


Ba Vi travel guide

Once developed as a hill station during the French colonial period and now being one of the most famous tourist attractions in Northern Vietnam, Ba Vi National Park is a place to go for a chance to get up close and personal with 1201 species […]


Where to go on a Vietnam group tour in Thai Binh Province?

If you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy picturesque rice paddy fields, Thai Binh Province, which is 120 km from Hanoi capital city, fits the bill. Thai Binh used to be known for its distinct agricultural culture but this coastal eastern province in […]


How to spend 7 days in Northern Vietnam

A beguiling region like Northern Vietnam is both sleepy and captivating with the variety of both landscapes and cultures to satisfy everyone. It is near impossible to imagine Northern Vietnam without thinking of the Old Quarter in Hanoi capital or the famous trekking trails in […]


Mai Chau – a great spot for a Vietnam countryside tour

Many travelers, especially those going on a Vietnam tour for the first time, only visit Hanoi. And yes, you do need to visit the over 1,000-year-old capital, since it has long held the title as the most charming and enchanting city in the country. But […]


A visit to Dien Bien – Westernmost Vietnam

Why travel to Vietnam? The choices for traveling Vietnam are as diverse as the country itself. Discover Vietnam’s cities and unique iconic destinations to experience the whole gambit of climates, explore a coastline of 3,260 kilometers, hundreds of kilometers of magnificent beaches, and be welcomed […]


A visit to Ha Giang – the Northernmost point of Vietnam

Vietnam is a vast country offering so much to explore, but all the focus on big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on your Vietnam travel packages means some great travel gems have fallen through the cracks. You might not have heard of […]

Ba Be lake

Great sites of Cao Bang province for a first-time visitor

A 6690.72-square-kilometer area of thick green forest, high mountains, and magnificent natural beauty but a little forgotten by foreign travelers, Cao Bang Province is a must-visit place in Northern Vietnam besides Hanoi capital city. As you can see this is hardly a detailed guide to […]


When is the best time to go on your Bac Son tours?

A beautiful site deserving its name as a green paradise on Earth, Bac Son Valley in the Northern region of Vietnam offers travelers endless opportunities to explore. From quaint towns to traditional stilt houses of Tay ethnic people, magnificent lakes and imposing rice paddy fields […]