Northern Vietnam group tour. Interesting, right?

Northern Vietnam is becoming an attractive tourist destination and convenient for many visitors when they decide to travel to Vietnam. When you first arrive in Northern Vietnam, good preparation and full information will give you the right choice for a wonderful vacation.

When you first arrive in Northern Vietnam, a good preparation and sufficient information will give you the right choice for an enjoyable group tour in Northern Vietnam:

1. Time to visit Northern Vietnam

North Vietnam in spring

North Vietnam in spring

The best time to visit Northern Vietnam is from September to November or from March to 5. At this time the weather is quite stable, sunny day, cold nights. In April – May, Northern Vietnam is full of flowers and green fields.

Northern Vietnam in late August, in September the terraces are very beautiful or after the Lunar New Year to see peach flowers Northern Vietnam.

The winter season from December to February is quite cold, especially at night and in the morning. In return, you will see the beautiful sunrise. Especially in recent years on Northern Vietnam often appear snow and snow occasionally snow. If you come here on this occasion you will surely witness the scene quite romantic. Therefore, Northern Vietnam is very crowded tourists, if you do not like noisy, crowded then you should not travel Northern Vietnam at this time.

2. Accommodation

Looking for a comfortable place with reasonable prices in time from solar calendar 2015 to date is not easy. So, the first thing to do in Northern Vietnam is to find a place to sleep before deciding on other things. Through friends, family, online forums, you can find the address, room status and direct contact with hotels, motels to make reservations here. It is extremely important that after finding a room you must quickly agree on the price and pay the deposit as soon as possible.

In order to avoid the difficulty of finding accommodation on weekends and holidays, you can arrange holidays in Northern Vietnam in the beginning and middle of the week. Besides homestay accommodation is a relatively attractive option for you to really feel and experience the real life of Northern Vietnam.

3. Travel

Travel by motorbike

Travel by motorbike

If you have a private car to take the initiative in Northern Vietnam tour, you should note that during the weekends and holiday, traffic to Northern Vietnam is quite crowded so you need to actively update the parking lot near your vacation.

  • By Train: You can choose between day and night (see schedule). Type of daytime running only soft or hard seat type; The night train allows you to book bed bunkers and then travel to Northern Vietnam by bus. Train times usually range from 8-10 hours so you need to calculate your schedule and travel time accordingly.
  • By bus: There are now many luxury bus lines and seats are operating in Northern Vietnam. The advantage of the bus is shorter travel time than trains, cheaper price, flexible. The main bus stations of Hanoi such as My Dinh, Giap Bat, Gia Lam, etc.

4. Baggage preparation

Baggage preparation

Baggage preparation

If you travel frequently, choose a small suitcase and quality. Suits are sufficient to fit in the luggage compartment but are large enough to hold clothing and personal belongings for 2 to 5 days. Go to Northern Vietnam, you should only bring shoes brown or black. Heaven will be cold in the evening you should bring a jacket in the summer. You should bring a shawl, gloves, warm wool hat if you come to Northern Vietnam in winter. You should bring raincoats, sun umbrellas in the event of weather changes. In addition, you should bring a small bait for your convenience with the necessary supplies for excursions, excursions, picnics to villages and interesting attractions.

5. Maps

You should prepare for your information booths at the bus station, lakeside, and destinations that you want to visit because that Wi-Fi and telephone wave is not available here.

That is all you have to know before starting your journey in the North of Vietnam. To have a wonderful trip with your friends, remember to take your time to read and discover the Northern Vietnam travel guide before you go.