For Ninh Binh Foodie: Top dishes that would satisfy your stomach

Ninh Binh is not only famous for breathtaking sceneries, but it is also a great place to try Vietnamese cuisine with a wide range of flavors and tastes. And here, northernvietnamtravel give you the top dishes must-eat in Ninh Binh.

Goat Meat

You can hardly find a better place to eat goat meat than in Ninh Binh. For Ninh Binh foodie, this is one of the most popular choices.

Ninh Binh Goat Meat

Ninh Binh goat meat (Source: Internet)

The signature mountain meat tastes incredibly good for two reasons. First, the goats are raised in limestone mountains, which makes its meat more nutritious and crispier. The farmers also apply some traditional techniques when processing the meat to make it tastes unique.

Goats in Ninh Binh

 Goats in Ninh Binh (Source: Internet)

Second, it is not just about the premium meat quality. The special herbs play a vital part in making the meat popular, too.

Imagine you try a dish of goat meat served with chilly, lemon, ginger and citronella. Well, what else can satisfy your stomach better?

Burned rice (Com chay)

The special dish is made from cooked rice and is one of the signature dishes of Vietnam cuisine. The dish is very simple to make but its taste lingers for so long that you would definitely miss it when you leave the city.

And here is how the specialty is made: The cooked rice is sliced into round shapes, and then the cooks cool it down and soak it in hot oil pans until it turns yellow.

Ninh Binh burned rice

Ninh Binh burned rice (Source: Internet)

This may be a little creepy to you as the dish also contains animals’ internal organs like pigs or beef’s hearts and kidneys. These organs are mixed with spices and herbs. Then the mixture is fried and served with the burned rice bowl.

Eel Vermicelli

Another signature dish visitors should not miss is eel vermicelli noodle.

The dish is mainly made from eels. The work to turn eel into a specialty is quite challenging that requires experience. This means not every restaurant in Ninh Binh can provide you with satisfying eel dish. In Ninh Binh, Mrs. Phan’s restaurant is famous for the dish as it is one of the first places in the city to produce it.

Eel vermicelli

 Eel vermicelli (Source: Internet)


High-quality eels are fat and small with brown-pink backs. The big ones are not as good as the small ones.

The dish is served with banana flower and vermicelli.

Banana flower should be ripe while vermicelli tastes best when it is small and is made from high-quality phrynium fruits.