Yen Tu – A pilgrimage to Buddhism Land

Northern Vietnam has a rich Buddhism tradition and is a promising destination for travelers craving for spiritual enlightenment. At the end of the Lunar New Year holiday, when the drizzling rain brings new life to all creatures and the brightest flowers with sweet perfume bloom […]


May Nam Dinh be included in your Vietnam culture tour?

Compared to other provinces in Northern Vietnam, Nam Dinh does not seem to be a popular destination for tourists. But when it comes to cultural tours, it deserves to have a place in your must-visit spots. Most visitors who come to Nam Dinh surely hear […]


Top 4 festivals that you need to experience in Ha Bac

We are going to take you to Ha Bac Province in our Vietnam culture tours today. If you have never heard of that destination, don’t worry because we will give you the answer immediately. 1. Where is Ha Bac? Before we begin our cultural tour […]