Ban Flowers Festival – an attraction in the Northwest of Vietnam

  • One of the greatest attractions in the Northwest of Vietnam is Ban flowers (mountain ebony flowers) – a very beautiful and unique kind of flower you can only see in this area. Like the Japanese having cherry blossom festival, Thai ethnic people also hold a festival to celebrate Ban flowers.

Tips to have an amazing trip in Northern Vietnam

  • With naturally favorable conditions, Vietnam is regarded as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. When traveling to Vietnam, tourists will have a chance to admire many different kinds of destinations from breathtaking natural landscapes, ancient villages, pristine islets to ancient citadels, colonial architectures or islands, and beaches.

Conquering top 4 destinations for biking in Northern Vietnam

  • Vietnam has long been an attractive destination for different kinds of tourism due to its diverse nature, from vast deltas, national parks, highlands to long coastline of magnificent beaches.

When is the best time to go on your Bac Son tours?

  • A beautiful site deserving its name as a green paradise on Earth, Bac Son Valley in the Northern region of Vietnam offers travelers endless opportunities to explore. From quaint towns to traditional stilt houses of Tay ethnic people, magnificent lakes and imposing rice paddy fields to incredibly high mountains, these stops make up a journey of a lifetime. What are you waiting for?

Great sites of Cao Bang province for a first-time visitor

  • A 6690.72-square-kilometer area of thick green forest, high mountains, and magnificent natural beauty but a little forgotten by foreign travelers, Cao Bang Province is a must-visit place in Northern Vietnam besides Hanoi capital city. As you can see this is hardly a detailed guide to all that Cao Bang in Northern Vietnam has to offer but should at least get you started with a few ideas and reminders of where to visit on your North Vietnam group tours!

A visit to Ha Giang – the Northernmost point of Vietnam

  • Vietnam is a vast country offering so much to explore, but all the focus on big cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City on your Vietnam travel packages means some great travel gems have fallen through the cracks. You might not have heard of Ha Giang.

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